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1701 Westwind Dr STE 212, Bakersfield CA 93301

Bakersfield Family Therapist

As a Christian Therapist providing family therapy in Bakersfield, the challenges I most often help with are: resolving family conflict, coping with life stress and trauma, and helping children/teens with big emotions (i.e. anger, depression, and anxiety).  Sometimes family therapy includes the whole family and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s normal to have one or more family members that don’t want to participate. When that’s the case, we can still work together within the framework of family-focused therapy, and I can easily adjust the process to fit your unique circumstances.

Things can and do change. There is always hope.

I use the Bible for references of faith and if you’d like to know more about my beliefs, please read through my article:  Christ-Centered Parenting: Ideas To Consider, or feel free to contact me for more questions.

I’ve known Patrick for eight years as a professional colleague and good friend.  He has always impressed me as a trustworthy man who loves God and cares deeply about his clients.  His heart  is to truly help everyone he knows, including me, to have a happier, healthier life, and to know the joy of God’s love every day.

Steve Morely

Educator and Author

Patrick is easy going and easy to talk to. He truly listens to you and is empathetic to what your needs are. He doesn’t force his professional viewpoint as he allows you to naturally go through the steps in a way that doesn’t feel like therapy.

Linnet Slater

Recovery Specialist, Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

Working with Patrick will allow you to be seen, heard, and involved in the best treatment plan for your family. Patrick is compassionate, attentive, and family oriented. His interpersonal skills easily allows the client to build rapport with him to begin the healing in treatment. Patrick doesn’t only put one piece of the puzzle together, he helps your family solve the whole puzzle. 

Bria Henderson

Recovery Specialist, Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

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