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1701 Westwind Dr STE 212, Bakersfield CA 93301

Bakersfield Christian Family Therapy

As a Christian Therapist providing family therapy in Bakersfield, the challenges I most often help with are: resolving family conflict, coping with life stress and trauma, and helping children/teens with big emotions (i.e. anger, depression, and anxiety).  Sometimes family therapy includes the whole family and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s normal to have one or more family members that don’t want to participate. When that’s the case, we can still work together within the framework of family-focused therapy, and I can easily adjust the process to fit your unique circumstances.

Things can and do change. There is always hope.

I use the Bible for references of faith and if you’d like to know more about my beliefs, please read through my resource labeled: Christ-Centered Parenting: Ideas To Consider (link to article/resource), or feel free to contact me for more questions.